Duoethnographic encounters: Opening spaces for difficult dialogues in times of uncertainty

Edited by

Dr. Teresa Anne Fowler

Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Concordia University of Edmonton


Dr. Willow Samara Allen

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria

We live in a period of uncertainty characterized by climate change, the rise of populism, mass migration across borders, and severe economic, political and social inequities. To understand how these realities impact ourselves and each other, and what we can do about them, this book creates a third space for scholars, activists and practitioners across disciplines and sectors to engage in dialogues across differences using duoethnography. Through dialogical storytelling, each chapter shares experiences as a site of critical inquiry into the various ‘isms’ that frame inequities (racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Whiteness, ableism, religion oppression and more). This book is an opening and an invitation to engage in dialogue with/among each other as a means to mobilize in order to dismantle the systems and processes of power and privilege that sustain uncertainty.

Duoethnographic Encounters is an excellent resource in qualitative
research and has been designed for courses in: Diversity, Current Issues, Leadership, Multicultural Education, Research Methodology, Racial and Ethnic Studies, Social Justice and Sociology.

Fowler, T. A. & Allen, W. S. (2020). Duoethnographic encounters: Opening spaces for difficult dialogues in times of uncertainty. DIO Press, New York, NY. https://www.diopress.com/product-page/duoethnographic-encounters