Engaging in narrative inquiry ethically and honorably


Rawia Azzahrawi

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Manitoba

A narrative is an ancient approach that has guided humanity in organizing its experiences. Narrative inquiry is the study of experience understood narratively. Engaging in the narrative inquiry process and its consequences can raise several issues related to research and researcher. Representing and interpreting another’s voice is not a simple task and needs to be done with respect and humility. This paper discusses the critical role of narrative inquiry in research and how to engage in narrative inquiry ethically and honorably. It examines how signifcant it is when writing about people’s lives and a community’s experiences, to adhere through dialog and critical consciousness, and through an intersubjective lens to the principles of respect, benefcence, and justice to ensure that the research is supporting the participant and facilitates their transformation to achieve empowerment.

Azzahrawi, R. (2021). Engaging in narrative inquiry ethically and honorably. SN Social Sciences1(4), 1-19.