Spacial Entrances


Tashya Orasi

PhD Student at Lakehead University

Dr. Pauline Sameshima

Professor & Canada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies at Lakehead University


Emilee De Sommer-Dennis

MEd Alumna from Lakehead University

Google Tilt Brush Compilation Video

As part of the research project exploring Teacher Creativity, the collaborative virtual works included in this video were made using Google Tilt Brush software. Engaging with the possibilities of this software has allowed the Lakehead team the opportunity to both imagine and inhabit the space where new understandings of the data have been created. Expanding the literacy of creativity across disciplines and into virtual realms, the modality of these virtual paintings represents a new way of thinking, being and entering the research. Using the data from the Teacher Creativity project and Parallaxic Praxis as a methodology to inform our making and questioning of the data, the themes explored in this series of virtual makings include:

  • The industrialization of education and the inherent tensions between efficiency and creativity;
  • Path dependency and the redirecting of life trajectories that form selfhood;
  • Playing/tinkering and ephemerality;
  • Permission for creativity and the growing of agency in new ways through the creative process;
  • The “celebrations of leaving” in education, which extend to the lives of teachers, students, and in ways of thinking about creativity and education;
  • Trace as part of creative journeys; and;
  • The social value of creativity. 

The team would like to express their sincere thanks to Valerie Gibbons and Garth Galvin (Lakehead University Chancellor Patterson Library Staff) for their gracious support and assistance with the use of 3D modeling and Google Tilt Brush platforms. 

Orasi, T., Sameshima, P., De Sommer-Dennis, E. (2020). Spacial entrances [Virtual sketch compilation video from SSHRC-funded project: Reconceptualizing Teachers’ Roles for Canada’s Creative Economy]. The Canadian Society for Education through Art. Online Exhibition for 2020 UNESCO International Arts Education Week.