“Why Don’t You Just Say What’s Real Is Real and Leave it at That?” The Metaphysics of Research

Image of woman spiralling through time and space


Dr. Holly Tsun Haggarty

Lakehead University

1 of 13 Cartoon illustrations from the drama, Aporia, An Inquisition into the Nature of Being found in the doctoral dissertation of Holly Tsun Haggarty

This project consists of thirteen digitally created comics made as part of an inquiry into the belief systems that underpin methodologies of arts-integrating (as any) research. The inquiry included a drama (What happens when a saint, a clown and an angry stranger show up at a dissertation?). When the coronavirus pandemic made live performance impossible, I realized that another medium might offer a satisfying means of dramatization—comics. The resulting illustrations offer the pleasure of seeing (and humorously experiencing) characters and action in tableau. Like the play itself, the illustrations connect to key elements or motifs of my philosophical inquiry.​

Tsun Haggarty, H. (2021). Aporia, An Inquisition into the Nature of Being. [Doctoral Dissertation & Cartoons]. https://galleries.lakeheadu.ca/holly-tsun-haggarty.html