Tashya Orasi

PhD Candidate at Lakehead University

A Dream
A Reality
An Accountability

Artist Statement: Beyond Series

A Dream, A Reality and An Accountability

The three digital images in this series (which were accepted in the Lakehead University’s Arts Integrated Research Galleries juried exhibit for artworks related to climate change action) are meant to evoke a sense of imbalance, precarity and connectedness between life and resources on earth. In each, there are multiple sets of eyes from living organisms, each tied to one another in complex and web-like ways and looking toward the viewer as a plea for an encounter that might bring us closer to an understanding of care in multispecies relations (Puig de la Bellacasa, 2017). As curricular tools, these pieces speak to the reverberations of destructive human activity for life on earth.  Rising water temperatures have caused environmental imbalances which continue to threaten the survival of whole ecosystems. This series is an inquiry into the finitude of Earth’s water resources and the effects of climate change that threaten this vital resource. Combining algorithmic digital editing software, my photos of the Lake Superior shoreline, and photos of the invasive jellyfish as a very real symbol of climate change and lower levels of oxygen in the earth’s oceans, this series is intended to raise awareness of the interdependence on water for all life on earth.

Following Haraway (2016), my intent with these pieces is an act of “multispecies storytelling.” Haraway writes, “These are stories in which multispecies players, who are enmeshed in partial and flawed translations across difference, redo ways of living and dying attuned to still possible finite flourishing, still possible recuperation” (p. 10). This series is meant to be reflective of the posthuman desires (Postma, 2020) of survival and flourishing.  It is my hope that these pieces serve as pedagogical tools to ask deeper questions of the consequences and reverberations of human activity in the earth’s lakes, rivers and oceans.


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