Enhancing Reading Fluency via Punctuation: Conception and Validation of a Pedagogical Sequence


Meredith Lachance

Ph.D. Candidate at Université du Québec À Montréal

The present study focuses on the development of reading skills in young elementary school students in Quebec. More precisely, it examines the notion of fluency in reading as well as its components. Knowing the now established importance of reading skills for the rest of their academic course in addition to their influence on the career market, the general goal of the study is the creation of a didactic sequence focused on the explicit teaching of punctuation in order to promote prosodic skills in elementary school students in French, which is the language of instruction. To attain this goal, we opted for a research and development methodology. The research approach used to create the didactic sequence and then validate it is as follows: 1. needs analysis, 2. specifications, 3. creation of the object, 4. preparation and 5. fine-tuning, the process of peer review and evaluation. This content analysis process (quantitative and qualitative data) allowed us to highlight the strengths of the didactic sequence which include, among other things, the relevance and sufficiency of the explanatory content and concepts, the adequate development and accessibility of activities as well as the relevance of the texts. Points for improvement were also raised and the sequence has therefore been amended accordingly. As small amount of research studying the influence of punctuation in reading situations among young elementary school students in French significantly limits the knowledge and the material available in this regard, this study sought to partially compensate for this lack while contributing to the academic and scientific knowledge already established.

Lachance, M. (2021). Travailler la prosodie en lecture par le biais de la ponctuation : conception d’une séquence didactique [Mémoire de maîtrise, Université du Québec à Montréal].