Lingering with the Works of Ted T. Aoki: Historical and Contemporary Significance for Curriculum Research and Practice

Edited by

Nicole Y. S. Lee

Lesley E. Wong

Joanne M. Ursino

The University of British Columbia

This unique collection of essays from emerging and established curriculum theory scholars documents individuals’ personal encounters and lingering interactions with Ted T. Aoki and his scholarship. The work illuminates the impact of Aoki’s lifework both theoretically and experientially.

The text reveals Aoki’s historical legacy and the contemporary significance of his work for educational research and practice. The influence of Aoki’s ideas, pedagogy, and philosophy on lived curriculum is vibrantly examined. Themes include tensionality, multiplicity, and bridging of difference. Ultimately, the text celebrates an Aokian “way of being” whilst engaging a diversity of perspectives, knowledges, and philosophies in education to reflect on the contribution of his work and its continual enrichment of curriculum scholarship today.

Lee, N. Y. S., Wong, L. E. & Ursino, J. M. (Eds.). (2022). Lingering with the works of Ted T. Aoki: Historical and contemporary significance for curriculum research and practice. Routledge.